Christmas block of stamps from Brazil

The Brazilian Post has issued a block of commemorative stamps for Christmas 2011. At a background image of the block, the universe is represented as a symbol of God's creative power. The drawings of Christian symbols on the sides have specific meanings: the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, wheat and grape represent bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus, lamb symbolizes Christ (as mentioned in the Bible - Lamb of God), the cross represents the Holy Trinity, and fish (called Ichsthys - fish in Greek) is an acronym for the phrase Iesus Christus Soter Theou Yicus, which means Jesus Christ, Son of God the Savior, the symbol used for identification and communication among Christians.

The upper stamp has the image of an open Bible with the Planet Earth as background. At the lower stamp the closed Bible on a beam of light represents the word of God.

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