Space stamp from France

France has issued a new stamp commemorating the French National Space Technology Center.

The National Space Technology Center (NSTC) was established on December 19, 1961 under the leadership of General de Gaulle. Intended to propose to the government the space policy of France and to implement it, the NSTC is currently developing programs in five areas: access to space, sustainable development, consumer applications, security and defense, research and innovation. Major player in the European space technology, NSTC has goal to maintain France and Europe ahead of global competition and participates in the European Space Agency (ESA).

The 2400 employees of the NSTC are located in four sites: Paris, Toulouse, Evry and Kourou.
The control room is a key feature of space observation.

The stamp illustrates the control room of Jupiter Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, from where the launches of Ariane are controlled. It is of European size and symbolizes the space power of France, the strong skills of men and the excellence of NSTC.

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