New self-adhesive stamps from POST Greenland

New self-adhesive stamps from POST Greenland

All four stamps issued by POST Greenland on Monday are self-adhesive. The themes on the stamp designs are historic Greenlandic mining and the upcoming Christmas.

The two mining stamps were designed by Ina Rosing, who has once again managed to combine two historic black and white photos with modern Greenlandic art. These stamps are only available as self-adhesives.

The two Christmas stamps were drawn by Camilla Nielsen, who lets her two "Strawberry Girls" examine the Christmas star in their window and carry gifts on a genuine Greenlandic dog sledge. To keep in line with tradition the Christmas stamps are available both as self-adhesives and as traditional stamps with glue on the back.

Last, but not least, POST Greenland issues the popular year pack, in which all 22 Greenlandic stamps of the year can be obtained.

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