Franz Liszt stamp from Luxembourg

This year, the music world commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth and the 125th anniversary of the death of composer and virtuoso Franz Liszt. There is a story united Luxembourg to the name of the Hungarian composer. At the end of his life, Liszt maintained a close relationship with his friend, Hungarian painter Mihaly de Munkacsy and his Luxembourgish wife Cecile Papier. The deep friendship with the painter started in 1882, when the two men first met in Budapest. At the end of April 1886, Liszt lived as a guest in the Parisian residence of the Munkacsys. On the following 5 July, Liszt, now very ill, decided to take a rest break at the summer residence of the Munkacsys in Colpach. On 19 July, a concert honoring the composer was organized by the Casino of Luxembourg. At the end of this event, Franz Liszt played three of his own compositions to thank the audience for the honor they had bestowed on him. The next day, Liszt left Luxembourg for Bayreuth where he died 12 days later on 31 July 1886. Thus, Franz Liszt gave his last public concert in Luxembourg.

The portrait on the stamp is done by Roland Schauls, Luxembourgish independent artist.

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