Aquarium stamp from Germany

This year's traditional German stamp issue from "For us children" series illustrates the aquarium fishes.

An amazing story about hidden fish stamps is related to this stamp. John has received for his eleventh birthday a stamp collection from Grandpa Jacobs. Grandpa's specialty is "fish" from all over the world. When John looked closer in the album, he noted that three stamps with fish motifs were missing. He looks everywhere, but can't find the three missing stamps. Upset, he goes to bed and looks again at the shoebox aquarium that he had tinkered with his brother yesterday. Then he falls asleep and dreams. At night John hears voices from the shoebox aquarium. The animals in the aquarium are saying that John's sister Laura and his little brother David have hidden the three fish stamps under the mussels. By joining forces, the animals find the three stamps under the mussels. Next morning John looks at the aquarium. Immediately, he discovered the three missing fish stamps and carefully puts it into the album.

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