Pack holding all scenery stamps by Aland Post

Since 2004, Aland Post has been issuing stamps presenting the special scenery that can be found in each of the 16 Aland municipalities. A pack holding the complete scenery series is now available.

The series featuring sceneries from the Aland municipalities has been extremely popular, chosen by Aland collectors as the most beautiful Aland stamps on several occasions. reports, "Customers have inquired about a presentation pack with all 16 scenery stamps, which will now appear on 28 September."

The Scenery stamps in the pack are cancelled on 28.09.2011 with the various Aland post office postmarks. In addition to the mounted stamps, the eight-page pack also has a map of Aland and brief information about each municipality in four languages (Swedish, Finnish, English and German). The edition is 2 000 packs.

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