Cyprus Post winner of the EUROPA 2011 Jury Prize Competition

Cyprus Post EUROPA Stamp entry was named the winner of PostEurop's first ever EUROPA Jury Prize Competition which was held Saturday at the prestigious Brussels Town Hall, where an expert jury met and voted through closed ballot.

Seven experts were invited to join the jury and judge the EUROPA Stamps based on their expert opinion. 56 entries were displayed before the jury and after much deliberation, the jurors casted their closed ballots followed by a round of voting and discussion. Having reached a consensus, Mr. David E.Failor, Chief of the United Nations Postal Administration, announced Cyprus Post as the winner of the 2011 Europa stamp Jury Prize to be the EUROPA Stamp.

The Jury Prize competition is held separate from the public online competition which took place earlier this year. This means there are two separate prizes for Europa stamps: one coming from the results of the public online competition and other from this expert Jury competition.

The prize for the Jury Prize competition will be handed out during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in Istanbul on the 12th October, prior to the announcement of the winners of the public online competition.

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