Photo Art stamp issue by Austria

This commemorative is the start of a new attractive series under the title "Photographic art in Austria"; over the course of the coming issue programme, a number of excellent examples of this interesting genre, but one hitherto hardly considered by philately, will be presented. The series begins with the artist Eva Schlegel, born on 8 March 1960 in Hall in Tyrol, whose works have often attracted considerable international attention.

The motif of the new stamp shows Eva Schlegel's work "o.T. 014, 2003", the original of which is 185 x 120 cm. It comes from a group of works on which the artist spent 10 years examining the typical images of women, with the focus of the information being shifted through the photographic reworking using the means of the lack of focus. Subjective elements such as emotional expression, features of the face and details of the clothing are reduced to the essential information, while pictorial elements and light situations are emphasised and reinforced by means of the same process.

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