’24 Hours in Liechtenstein’ stamp set

Philatelie Liechtenstein has succeeded in winning one of the most popular Chinese artists, Xiao Hui Wang, for one of its own stamp issues. In her homeland, China, Xiao Hui Wang enjoys cult status by virtue of her formidable artistic performance record as a photographic artist, book author and filmmaker.

The two stamps constituting the "24 Hours in Liechtenstein" issue are based on photographs taken by the artist during a stay in Liechtenstein in 2010. The "Alpine Rhine" stamp (face value CHF 1.30) depicts a mountain panorama typical of Liechtenstein's Alpine Region, with a snapshot of the surging torrents of the Rhine superimposed on it. "Water reflections" (face value CHF 3.70) shows Gutenberg Castle in Balzers, reflected in the surface of the nearby pond. The Castle is therefore standing on its head. On both sheets the stamps have been arranged so as to produce an aesthetically appealing pattern.

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