Switzerland – Liechtenstein joint stamp issue

Switzerland - Liechtenstein joint stamp issue

Liechtenstein and Switzerland have released a joint stamp issue entitled "Horizon Switzerland".

The distinctive feature of this stamp is surely that it is obtainable in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the same currency.

The initiator behind selection of the depicted artwork "Fruit" by the artist Shirana Shahbazi was Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, which approached Philatelie Liechtenstein about the current "Horizon Switzerland" exhibition presenting works of space-oriented art from Switzerland. From among the numerous artworks represented at the exhibition the choice eventually fell on Shirana Shahbazi's 2009 photograph "Fruit" (face value CHF 1.00) from the "Flowers, Fruit and Portraits" series. Since 2001 the artworks of Shirana Shahbazi have been on display at single and collective exhibitions all over the world. Her artistic output has earned her various grants and awards. "Fruit" shows an apple with a cluster of leaves on a yellow and black ground.

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