Austria’s Pink Ribbon stamp

It was in 1996 that the international breast cancer expert Dr Ernie Bodai launched the first breast-cancer stamp. The idea was for this stamp to raise a maximum of donations for breast cancer research. In the meantime, the stamp has raised USD 74 million in America for the National Cancer Institute and the breast cancer research programme. Encouraged by the success, Dr Bodai has made it his life's work to launch this stamp in as many countries as possible to promote national breast cancer research. He has already encountered success in many countries: from Kenya to Belize, from El Salvador to Hungary, Serbia and Kosovo - the "Pink Ribbon" stamp has already spread around the globe. It is thanks to the commitment of the Austrian Post Office that this stamp is now available in Austria.

The present surcharge stamp, showing a painting by the American artist Whitney Sherman, has as it were a double effect: alongside the postage charge for the corresponding mail (EUR 0.90), the surcharge of EUR 0.10 directly benefits the Austrian Cancer Aid society.

Alongside the new commemorative, there will also be a separate metal postcard that will likewise provide support: 1 Euro for each card sold will benefit the Pink Ribbon campaign of the Austrian Cancer Aid society.

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