Historical and cultural heritage of Russia block of stamps

The Russian Post has issued a block of stamps dedicated to the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art "Small Korely".

"Small Korely" Museum is Russia's largest open air museum of wooden architecture, located in the eponymous village, 25 km from Arkhangelsk. The museum was founded on July 17, 1964, and officially opened to the public on June 1, 1973. Historical and ethnographic characteristics of the region, unique culture and traditions of the Russian North Pomors are reflected by the unique places of worship (churches, bell towers, chapels, votive crosses), residential and farm buildings (mills, barns, etc.), as well as tools, vehicles, furniture, dishes and other utensils.

The block shows the Chapel of St. Macarius (XVIII century), the Ascension Church (XVII century) and a windmill (the beginning of the XX century). The fields of the block illustrate the interior of a peasant's hut.

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