Japanese princess showed great Interest in Greenlandic Philately

POST Greenland has, for the first time, participated in a stamp exhibition in Japan. It took place in Yokohama from 28th to 2nd August in connection with the world philatelic exhibition "PHILANIPPON 2011".

When the large, impressive exhibition complex Pacifico Yokohama opened its doors, thousands of eager Japanese had already been queuing for hours.

It was Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, who opened PHILANIPPON 2011. After the official opening Princess Takamado was given a guided tour by the Japanese organizers. This led the princess past POST Greenland's stand, where a smiling princess noted that she had once visited Greenland and that this inspired her to write a children's book. The book, a story of an iceberg, which tears itself from the Greenlandic ice sheet and travels the long way down to the South Pole, has the title "The Iceberg Lulie" and was published by Atuakkiorfik - Greenland Publishers in 2001.

On the opening day of PHILANIPPON 2011 POST Greenland also issued a beautiful new stamp featuring Naomi Uemura, who, thereby, was deservingly honored posthumously for his outstanding Arctic achievements: In 1978 he crossed the Greenlandic ice sheet from north to south by himself.

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