Iranian New Year Postage Stamps

Iran Post Co. has recently issued a series of commemorative stamps on the occasion of commencement of Iranian New Year Feast (Nowruz).

The stamps, designed by Mr. Sarrafzadegan, depict the symbols of 7- Sin Table (Haft- Sin).

Haft-Sin is a traditional table setting of Nowruz, the traditional Iranian spring celebration. Today the haft seen table includes seven specific items, all starting with the sin in the Persian alphabet.

The Haft Seen items are:

Sabzeh - wheat, barley, mung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolising rebirth
Samanu - sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolising affluence
Senjed - dried oleaster fruit - symbolising love
Sir - garlic - symbolising medicine
Sib - apples - symbolising beauty and health
Somaq - sumac fruit - symbolising (the color of) sunrise
Serkeh - vinegar - symbolising old-age and patience

Originally called Haftchin, the Haft Seen has evolved over time, but has kept its symbolism.

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