World Heritage stamps from Korea

Korea Post has issued a set of stamps featuring Geonwolleung, the tomb of Taejo Lee Seong-Gye, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, and Yeongneung, which has the joint burial mound of King Sejong (1397-1450), the 4th king and Queen Soheon, his wife.

The Tombs were built over five centuries starting from Geonwolleung to the tomb of Sunjong, the 27th and last king of the dynasty.

The sites of the royal tombs were chosen in consideration of Pungsu (Feng Shui), the theory of divination based on topography: having their back protected by a hill as they
face south toward water, with layers of mountain ridges in the distance and the burial mound
located on a hillside.

The royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty show very unique characteristics. They
were built in harmony with nature taking full advantage of their surrounding natural topography. Having lasted for over 500 years, they compressively embody those times' philosophy, political
history, and view of art. They are exceptional both in space arrangement and in the artistic
uniqueness of both the architecture and the figures of people and animals. In recognition of their
high historic and cultural value, UNESCO has designated and protected the 40 remaining royal
tombs as World Heritages in 2009.

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