Mainland Scenery Special Stamps by Hongkong Post

Hongkong Post has announced that two stamp sheetlets, "Mainland Scenery Series No. 10 - Dunhuang Grottoes" and "The Complete Mainland Scenery Series", will be released for sale together with associated philatelic products on August 2.

Stamp sheetlets based on the theme of Mainland scenery have been issued since 2002 to introduce magnificent geographical landscapes and majestic historical landmarks in China. Since its debut with "Hukou Waterfall", this series has been immensely popular over the years among both philatelists and those interested in cultural heritage.

It will now be concluded by "Dunhuang Grottoes", depicting a cluster of five cave sites, of which the Mogao Caves are the oldest in history, the grandest in scale and the richest in content. The Mogao Caves provide sanctuary for some 2 000 painted statues and 45 000 square metres of murals, and were declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

For those who might have missed some earlier issues and to celebrate the success of this classical theme, Hongkong Post has produced a sheetlet that captures at a glance all the Mainland scenes covered in the series.

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