Korea Disaster Relief Association Postage Stamp

In celebration of 50th anniversary of Korea Disaster Relief Association, a commemorative stamp is issued, featuring the Association that delivers love to the Teddy bear at the disaster site.

The Korea Water Disaster Relief Association was founded in 1961. This pure non-profit relief association started the culture of donation in Korea. Whenever a disaster occurs, the Korea Disaster Relief Association carries out a variety of emergency relief activities such as collecting a relief fund, conducting volunteer services, and providing daily necessities. Moreover, it has also been involved in restorations of housing and preparing provisional housing for the victims who suffer damages to their houses, as well as in supporting the collection of relief funds for the victims. Whenever there is a national disaster such as typhoon Rusa, typhoon Maemi, the fire in Daegu subway, and the oil leakage in Taean, the Association takes the lead in pan-Korea fund-raising activities, thus providing KRW 945 billion in donations and 24.8 million relief items so far.

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