The Order of St. Andrew stamp from Russia

The Order of St. Andrew is the highest state award of the Russian Federation. It was founded by Tsar Peter I on November 30, 1698. The order was conferred to officers in the rank not lower than the general, public officials and clergy performed great service for the homeland. The first Commander of the Order in 1699 became diplomat and statesman Fyodor Golovin. During two centuries, a little more than a thousand people received the Order. After the revolution, it was abolished.

On the 1 July, 1998 by the Executive Order the Decoration of St. Andrew was restored as the highest state awards of the Russian Federation. The decoration is conferred to outstanding statesmen and public figures, as well as other citizens of the Russian Federation for the exceptional services, promoting prosperity, grandeur and glory of Russia. The first holder of the restored Order of St. Andrew is the academician Dmitry Likhachev. The total number of holders rises to 15 people.

The stamp illustrates the badge of the Order of St. Andrew on the Order's chain, star and ribbon of the Order.

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