New stamps show Jersey shipwrecks

A new set of stamps issued on Tuesday 12 July show a number of shipwrecks from around Jersey.

Jersey Post philatelic researcher Melanie Gouzinis said: "Ships are always popular with stamp collectors and lend themselves well to being illustrated."

The six stamps come with a booklet including illustrations and details of what happened to the ships.

The stories are taken from the book Shipwrecks of the Channel Islands.

The illustrations are by stamp artist Tony Theobald.

The ships featured on the stamps are the TSS Princess Ena from 1935, the SS Caledonia from 1881, the TSS Ibex from 1897, the SS Schokland from 1943, the USS PT509 from 1944, the PS Superb from 1850, and a £3 stamp featuring the TSS Roebuck from 1911.

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