Blue Gentian stamp from Germany

The "Flowers" series make people aware of the beauty and diversity of flowers in gardens and open countryside in Germany.

Spread in the foothills of the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, Jurassic, and the Balkans Blue Gentian together with its doppelgangers Edelweiss and Alpenrose is the worldwide symbol of an intact mountain nature.

The Blue Gentian is a high rosette plant. The four to seven inches long, trumpet-shaped flowers are deep blue on the inside of olive-green mottled and appear - depending on the altitude - from May to August. Since the Gentian contains bitter substances, it was shunned by the cows was able to multiply freely. Today there are only a few mountain pastures and limestone grasslands with such a flower density. Gentian species and their growing places in Germany are under protection.

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