2011 Jersey’s birdlife stamps

Summer Visiting Birds feature on the latest set of stamps by Jersey Post.

According to Philatelic Researcher, Melanie Gouzinis, birds illustrated on stamps are always highly sought after by stamp collectors. "Jersey stamps are well known amongst collectors for the quality of the artwork", explained Mrs Gouzinis, "and this stamp issue is a perfect example of the high standard that we enjoy."

This is in fact the fifth issue in the Jersey Birdlife series. Previous issues have featured migrating, garden, threatened and woodland birds and all have been painted by local artist, Nick Parlett. A Jersey man, Nick is a self-taught artist; his passion for the natural world is evident in his work and is a consistent theme throughout.

A list of birds to portray on the stamps was suggested by local expert, Mike Stentiford MBE.

The set is also available in a Souvenir Sheetlet whilst a Souvenir Miniature sheet brings together the three highest value stamps into a cohesive design. First Day Cover envelopes and Presentation Packs complete the issue.

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