Humour: Fishing stamps from French Polynesia

This funny set of stamps issued by French Polynesia is dedicated to the weird sea animals that can sometimes even be so monstrous that some fishermen talk about their captures with emphasis.

It must be pointed out that each person has their own fishing techniques, mainly based on the observation of fish and the influence of natural factors, and a very rich vocabulary is available to describe all these techniques.

In the past, each fishing trip was preceded by various rituals intended to win over the gods' support. One could use "fish stones" that were sculpted according to the shape of the species that were sought after. These stones were laid in hiding places by the seaside according to a carefully studied orientation.

These rituals have been abandoned nowadays but observation remains strong, both for deep-sea fishing and for reef fishing or underwater fishing. And the fishing stories remain quite colourful as suggested by these two drawings by humorist Gotz.

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