Philharmonic Orchestra Stamp by Hungary

Magyar Posta is celebrating the bicentennial of the foundation of the Pecs Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra by issuing a special stamp.

The stamp image depicts the logo of the Pannon Philharmonic and a portrait of composer Johann Georg Lickl as an organic unit.

The first day cover shows the building and concert hall of the Kodaly Centre in Pecs as well as a detail from a music manuscript written by Johann Georg Lickl. The main motif of the special cancellation stamp is Lickl's signature.

The Pecs Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra is the most significant representative of the rich musical history of the city. The legal predecessor of the orchestra was the Musical Artist Society, which moved from Vienna in 1807 and which was founded by Johann Georg Lickl, a contemporary of Mozart and student of Haydn. The orchestra gave its first performance on 9 December 1811. Johann Georg Lickl, from Lower Austria, was a celebrated Vienna composer at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1806 the bishop of Pecs offered him the position of choirmaster in 1806.

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