Royal Wedding commemorated by Ascension Island

To mark the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton the Ascension Island Post Office is issuing a set of 3 stamps.

The 35p value shows William and Kate attending his friend Harry Meade's wedding 23 October 2010. Speculation that the couple were about to announce their own engagement was fuelled when they unusually and significantly walked through the church porch together. Previously they would arrive at such events separately.

The 90p value shows the couple in the State Rooms, St James's Palace just after the announcement of their engagement.

The £1.25 value is a beautiful image of the bride and groom, William and Catherine, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waving from their horse drawn carriage to the crowds along the Mall.

The Ascension Island Post Office has also released a souvenir sheet with a £2 stamp showing the bride and groom as they left Westminster Abbey after the ceremony. The background of the souvenir sheet shows Westminster Abbey during the wedding ceremony itself.

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