2011 Jersey Orchid stamps

This issue of stamps from Jersey Post features another selection of orchids from the Eric Young Orchid Foundation.

In keeping with recent events, orchids are affectionately known as the "Royal Family of Plants". Being one of the largest groups of flowering plants in the world, they showcase nature's ability to enchant the onlooker with a rich diversity of beauty, colour and form.

The Eric Young Orchid Foundation has worked together with Jersey Post on more than one occasion, this being the seventh issue in the Jersey Orchids series.

Philatelic Researcher, Mrs Melanie Gouzinis, explained that during the initial meeting with Foundation curator Chris Purver, various orchids were discussed as candidates for the 2011 stamp issue and photographs duly supplied.

Once the selection of orchids had been finalised, the photographs were sent to artist and designer Andrew Robinson to create the six stamps and the Miniature Sheet which accompanies the issue.

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