South African Post Office launches new stamps at Festival

As part of a new partnership with the National Arts Festival, the South African Post Office will launch a new series of postage stamps in Grahamstown.

These stamps will feature indigenous African musical instruments, and will be launched at the National Arts Festival on 3 July 2011.

The South African Post Office will also design a special canceller stamp bearing the logo of the Festival.

The partnership between the Festival and the South African Post Office aims to raise awareness of indigenous music as an important South African cultural legacy. The series of ten stamps will feature a selection of rare musical instruments from various cultural groups.

South African artist Hein Botha, who designed the stamps, will attend the Festival this year. The Post Office will present a specially coordinated philately exhibition at the Observatory Museum in Grahamstown. At the Albany Museum, the Post Office will support an exhibition of African musical instruments that have been drawn from the world-renowned Hugh Tracey collection.

The Post Office will also partner with the International Library of African Music to present a daily series of free lunchtime concerts featuring artists who are skilled in the playing of African musical instruments.

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