Canada Post salutes Art Deco architecture

This five-stamp issue celebrating the details of the Art Deco period showcases five Canadian structures built during the era.

According to designer Ivan Novotny of Taylor | Sprules, "Many of the great (Art) Deco buildings across this country have very distinct silhouettes that were defined by the principles of the movement. It's the commonly overlooked extraordinary details that adorn these great spires that demand a closer look."

In addition to dramatic black and white photography, Novotny adds that the stamp design "uses bold geometric forms and vibrant colours, to capture each building's unique character."

According to Alain Leduc, Stamp Design Manager, "With stamps, it's the details that count, that elevate the design to something more than merely representative. For that reason, the emphasis on detail on the Art Deco period was so very inspiring. It's the details that allow an architect to take a functional structure and make art of it."

The stamps show:

Burrard Bridge
R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
Cormier House
Supreme Court of Canada
Dominion Building

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