Castles of Croatia stamp series

On 17 June 2011, Croatian Post released four new commemorative stamps from a new series entitled "Castles of Croatia". The author of the photographs and the stamps is Tomislav Vlainic, a designer from Split. The stamps were printed in 100,000 copies per motif in eight-stamp sheets, along with 30,000 copies of joint sheets featuring all four stamps.

Croatian Post also issued a commemorative album, in Croatian and English, which features all four stamps, the joint sheet and the first day cover.

The castles featured on the stamps are:

Donji Miholjac, the Hilleprand-Mailath Castle (face value HRK 3.10),
Nasice, the castles of the Pejacevic family (face value HRK 3.10),
Bilje, the Palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy (face value HRK 4.60),
Valpovo, the Hilleprand-Prandau Normann-Ehrenfels Castle (face value HRK 4.60).

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