Metz – FFPA Congress stamp from France

The French Post has issued a stamp dedicated to the city of Metz which welcomes in 2011 the 84th Congress of the FFPA (French Federation of Philatelic Associations).

An important Gallo-Roman city, Merovingian capital of the Austrasia kingdom, birthplace of the Carolingian dynasty, cradle of the Gregorian chant, and one of the oldest republics of the common era in Europe, Metz has a rich 3,000 year history. The city has been steeped in Romance culture, but has been strongly influenced by Germanic culture due to its location and history.

The stamp illustrates one of the largest Gothic buildings in Europe, St. Stephen's Cathedral, built from 1220 to 1522. On the vignette you can see the Gate of Germans (12th-15th century), remnants of the old medieval fortification.

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