Philippine Crocodile Postage Stamps

The Philippine Postal Corporation has issued WWF Crocodile stamps. The set is classified as a "Special" kind of issue with a denomination of P 7.00 and quantity of 132,000 pieces. Also to be released are miniature sheets of eight with a denomination of P 56.00 and quantity of 6,000 pieces per design.

Photographs provided by Mr. Hans Groth of WWF and The Mabuwaya Foundation taken by:

Paul Freed of the Photo Agency Animals Animals, USA
Merlijn van Weerd of Mabuwaya Foundation
Willen van de Ven of Mabuwaya Foundation

The Philippine crocodile is strictly protected under Philippine law. The Wildlife Act
prohibits the killing, selling or keeping of the species. The Philippine government
initiates a captive breeding program for the species. The University of Southern
Mindanao has a crocodile conservation project in Ligawasan Marsh. The Mabuwaya
Foundation and Isabela State University implement a project to preserve the
Philippine crocodile in the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park by educating people,
protecting fresh water habitat and reintroducing the species in the wild.

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