Vintage Vehicle Stamps by French Polynesia

French Polynesia has issued two stamps dedicated to vintage vehicles.

The first stamp illustrates "Tilbury" convertible. This model appeared in French Polynesia in the beginning of the 20th century. Such cart drawn by the horse was very convenient for tracks in the bush. It was imported at great expense from San Francisco. There were many blacksmiths whose work encompassed more than just horse shoeing.

The second stamp features "De Dion Bouton" truck. This vehicle appeared before World War I. The skilful Polynesians transformed the vans into public transport vehicles under the name of "truck" or goods transport vehicles or even advertising vehicles or food vans.

It has been some years now since this original means of transport, which contributed to enhance the image of the country, almost disappeared. It has been replaced by huge buses, which required the narrow road to be widened in various parts of the island.

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