150 Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation Stamp

The special stamp issued by Slovak Post deals with one of the most significant events of the modern Slovak history - declaration of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation on June 6-7, 1861 at the national assembly in Martin.

The stamp contains the portraits of S. M. Daxner and J. Francisci, the main organizers of the Memorandum assembly and a young man portraying Slovakia in the background with a woman representing freedom, tearing her chains. On the bloc sheet into which the postage stamp is places, the Memorandum is visualized by portraits of many patriots who were present at the assembly in Martin, and a winged figure (national genius) walking forward, into the future free Slovak land. The assembled representatives of the nation on the FDC are portrayed by the styled eagle as the symbol of freedom and independence. The stamp contains a lime twig as the modern symbol of the Slavs, as well as the symbol of a meeting place (Under lime-trees).

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