India Post Commemorates India-Africa Forum-Summit

India Post is issuing two stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate India-Africa Forum-Summit.

The stamps depict the African and Asian Elephants.

India's historical relationship with Africa has been revitalized keeping in view functional co-operation in the 21st century. India's political support for Africa has been augmented by closer economic co-operation including economic assistance, functional co-operation, soft loans and private sector investment.

In April 2008, India hosted the First India-Africa Forum Summit in Delhi. This summit built upon the foundations of the historical relationship that existed between India and Africa, and designed a new architecture for a structured engagement, interaction and co-operation between India and Africa in the 21st century.

In order to continue and enhance the systematic engagement with Africa in the coming years, second India-Africa Forum Summit is being organized in Addis-Ababa during 24-25 May 2011.

This is for the first time that a meeting between India and its African partners at the level of Heads of State/Government is being organized in Africa.

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