Pineapple Fragrance Stamps from Papua New Guinea

The Post PNG have issued a set of stamps, a sheetlet and a souvenir sheet dedicated to different pineapple species.

The pineapple is a favorite fruit to most Papua New Guineans.

The PNG Philatelic Bureau in its quest to produce innovative products have subsequently incorporated the actual fragrance to the postage stamps.

The stamps illustrate:

5t - The African Queen specie sliced and arranged in a horse-shoe
K1.05 - An African Queen and one Hawaiian species sliced open
K5.00 - Two African Queen and one Hawaiian specie displayed
K7.00 - One Hawaiian and two African species contained in two
traditional baskets format
K10.00 - A display of a three part slit African pineapple specie
K14.10 - Popular Pineapple varieties found in Papua New Guinea

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