Butterfly stamps by Papua New Guinea

The PNG Post has issued a set of stamps depicting the largest butterflies in the world.

Birdwings are named for their exceptional size, angular wings, and birdlike flight.

The male Birdwing is brightly coloured with green, gold and black, and is smaller than the female. The larger female Birdwing is black and white, with yellow markings on the hindwings. She has a wingspan of up to 20 cm.

The stamps illustrate:

K1.05 Orange Birdwing - Ornithoptera croesus lydius
K1.05 Green Birdwing - Ornithoptera Priamus
K5.00 Blue Birdwing - Ornithoptera Urvillianus
K7.00 Goliath Birdwing - Ornithoptera Goliathus
K10.00 Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

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