Important Buddhist Religion Day stamp from Thailand

The Thai Post has issued a set of two stamps commemorating the Buddhist Religion Day.

The stamps illustrate traditional Thai-style mural paintings created during the reign of King Rama I, which have become well-known as artistic masterpieces.

The paintings are taken from mural paintings - "Subduing the Mara" on the walls of the ordination hall of Khongkharam Temple in Potharam District, Ratburi Province.

The background of the paintings is deep red colour and the whole background is strewn with fallen flowers. Mother Earth, wringing her locks, is moving with grace. An image of the Lord Buddha, covered with gold leaf, depicted in the posture of Subduing the Mara, is clad in red robes. Phraya Waswadee Mara is seated on the green elephant's back and his entourage consists of demons riding on mythical lions and horses.

These paintings are representation of the anecdote about the Floods overcoming the troops of the Mara. Among these troops, there a number of figures depicting Dutch and French soldiers wearing leather helmets.

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