Archeological treasure stamp from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatian post Mostar has issued a regular postage stamp and FDC featuring Early Christian Basilica in Cim.

Early Christian Basilica in Cim is a national monument in Bosnia and Herzegovina that represents archeological site with remains of an Early Christian - late Roman basilica, memeoria and buildings for housing and movable part found at the archeological site. By archeological researches it was determined that at the site Crkvine in Cim, in the northwest part of Mostar, in ancient era there were a settlement and in late ancient era the one nave basilica with three apses, which dates from IV and VI centuries, were built.

The large quantities of small surface archeological material have been found at the site: antique tiles, pottery, mudstone and glass. Also, it was found a few fragments of stone plastic such as: vines with grapes and wattle, show of peacocks, fish and the fragments of ornaments with Krina (lily) and the symbol of the cross. It was also found four urns with posthumous dust of martyrs - the saint to whom the church was devoted.

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