German Europa Forest stamp released

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests.
Posteurop has also chosen the forest as its theme for this year's Europa stamps.

This stamp by German Post was issued on 5 May.

The biological, ecological and climatic role of forests is invaluable for the life on Earth. The loss of forests means the loss of biological diversity and climate change.

The clearing of forests and a non-simultaneous afforestation have been hurt earlier cultures. But mankind has apparently not learned much from it: the reckless deforestation in tropical rain forest, the rigorous cases of cutting down of ancient trees without quick replacement have already led to noticeable changes in the flora, fauna and climate. That is why afforestation is one of the biggest global challenges.

In Germany, the forest has shrunk enormously. Thus only about one-third of the area is covered with forest.

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