Sweden Post starts annual charity stamp series

Sweden Post has recently started its new annual charity stamp series. Save the Children, which is the first beneficiary, will receive its donation in January 2012. Funds raised from the sale of the stamps will be used to help children in conflict- and catastrophe-stricken countries to read and write.

"We think it is wonderful that Sweden Post has decided to issue this kind of stamp. The idea that all of us - Sweden Post, Save the Children and the Swedish community - can join forces to give children a better future is really quite fantastic. It means a lot for Save the Children's long-term projects. Thanks to this cooperation, which will continue throughout 2011, we will be able to reach more children," says Elisabeth Dahlin, Secretary General of Save the Children.

A new beneficiary will be announced each year and a new charity stamp will be designed for each beneficiary. The charity stamps will be sold via the same channels as other stamps.

Save the Children is a politically and religiously independent folk movement that has a branch in Sweden as well as in eight regions around the world. Using the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child as its foundation, Save the Children works to improve the life of children around the world and to ensure that their rights are respected. Save the Children brings attention to situations where the rights of children are violated, raises public awareness about the rights of children and influences decision-making bodies - from Swedish municipalities to the UN.

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