Commemorative Stamp and Coin for 125 Years of the Automobile

It has been 125 years since the very first automobile was built. To mark such a momentous occasion in its history of manufacturing premium cars, Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with the German Federal Finance Ministry in order to create two very special artifacts, namely a specially-designed postage stamp and coin.

Illustrated on the stamp is the very first car ever invented along with its patent dating back to the January 29, 1886.

Beginning on June 9 this year, the commemorative coin will be issued in denomination of 10 euro and will be made available in banks. You'll be amazed at the level of detail that's been put into creating the coin, which is shaped like a steering wheel whether you're looking at its head or tail.

Both commemorative items will be launched in a public presentation by the Federal Finance Ministry on the 7th of June in Berlin. In a statement issued to the press, Mercedes-Benz explains that "125 years ago the Kaiserliche Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office) in Berlin granted Benz & Co. in Mannheim the patent No. 37,435 for a "vehicle with a gas engine drive system." This patent is seen as the birth certificate of the automobile.

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