Beatification of John Paul II stamp from Slovakia

The Slovak Post is issuing a stamp to commemorate the beatification of John Paul II.

The postage stamp contains the Pope's portrait and printing sheet is supplemented by the Papal crosier in the form of a cross and coat-of-arms of John Paul II. Surcharge on FDC shows the floor plan of the Basilica and St. Peter's Square in the Vatican and the stamps contain the Pope's hands folded in prayer, his signature and his slogan TOTUS TUUS - totally yours.

John Paul II was the first Pope of Slavic origin. His pontificate was the third longest and lasted 26 years, 5 months and 17 days. During this time he made 104 foreign apostolic trips, he issued 14 encyclicals, he beatified and canonized 1,340 people, he made around 3,500 speeches, announced three jubilee years and approximately 20 million people met him at around 1,200 general audiences. He was a diligent declaimer for keeping peace, human rights and the observance of human dignity. His charisma impressed a new dynamism into the Catholic Church.

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