Flowers Dedicated To The Republic Of San Marino On Stamps

This souvenir sheet features three values with as many flowers: "Verissimo del Titano" Delphinium, "Sant'Agata" Dianthus and "Repubblica di San Marino" Rose.

The Delphinium Belladonna known as "Verissimo del Titano" features the colours of the current flag. Saint Marino was bequeathed Mount Titano by Donna Felicita for having miraculously healed her son, Verissimo.

The Dianthus Carnation known as "Sant'Agata": the carnation, a white flower historically the symbol of purity, is linked to Saint Agatha fellow patron of the people of San Marino.

The third stamp shows the "hybrid" Tea Rose known as "Repubblica di San Marino". Its petals are the colour of the Republic's old flag and recall the dawns and dusks that may be admired from San Marino.

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