Odilon Redon stamp from France

The French Post has released a stamp dedicated to the work of French painter Odilon Redon.

Although he is attributed to the generation of the Impressionists, Odilon Redon hadn't associated himself with this movement. In his work he wasn't limited by the sensible world and declared that in art "everything is done through submission to the coming of the unconscious."

The botanist Clavand gave him the taste for flowers and the etcher Bresdin - taste of engraving. Redon had always insisted that his imagination was rooted in the observation of nature and that the fantastic creatures he painted belonged to a world that was never completely detached from reality. In 1890, he abandoned the so-called "black period" and progressively devoted himself to pastels and painting in oil.

The work represented on the stamp ("Buddha", 1906-1907) is conserved at the Orsay Museum in Paris.

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