New Stamps to Honor Russian Regions

The Russian Post has recently issued three stamps dedicated to the Novgorod, Tambov and Tumen regions of the Russian Federation.

The Novgorod region was found in 1944. The stamp features the main dome of St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, the Ilmen lake and The Novgorod Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsi", found in 1964.

The Tambov region was found in 1937. One tenth of its territory is occupied by forests. The stamp illustrates the monument to the Tambov Muzhik, the sugar factory "Nikiforovski", apples grown by the Michurin Research Institute of Gardening and the Tsna river.

The Tumen region was found in 1944. About 90% of its territory is attributed to the Extreme North regions. The Tumen region contains the main part of Russian oil and gas reserves. The stamp features The Kremlin of Tobol, tundra and the Tumen region's oil pumping units.

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