Top 10 most touching stamps 2010

In the beginning of spring StampNews presents its new ranking – Top 10 most touching stamps 2010.

This is the list of stamps having the most touching design by the opinion of the portal’s editorial board. Last year quite a lot of stamps worthy of entering this list have been issued, in part due to the theme of 2010 EUROPA stamps "Children’s books".

StampNews had a really difficult choice to make, but still we decided in favor of several stamps from this series. Thus, this ranking has resulted like this.



'Winter Tales' - stamps by Denmark

Winter Tales - stamps by Denmark

In October 2010, Denmark issued four postage stamps on the theme of "Winter Tales". The set tells the story of a lonely girl who builds a snowman to keep her company.

The artists behind the set are Maria Bramsen and Camilla Hubbe.



Teddy Bear stamp by Germany + Upin and Ipin stamps from Malaysia

Teddy Bear stamp by Germany

This postage stamp released in September 2010 by German Post, features a little boy Kim and his favourite teddy bear Bezi.

Upin and Ipin stamps from Malaysia

In 2010, Pos Malaysia issued a stamp collection featuring the Upin and Ipin cartoon series using the glitter sticker technique, the first in Asia with perforations.

The producer of the animation series, Les Copaque Production, has designed the main characters playing traditional games such as wau (kite).



Funny Vegetables stamp booklet by Finland + Luminous beauty of South African beadwork on stamps

Funny Vegetables stamp booklet by Finland

In 2010, Finland released its Funny Vegetables stamp booklet. It comes with a kit that lets you modify the vegetable-themed stamps as you like. You can put a moustache on a tomato, a hat on broccoli, or give a cucumber ears.

Luminous beauty of South African beadwork on stamps

In October 2010, the South African Post Office released a series of stamps featuring artworks executed in traditional African beadwork.

Photographed by Sasha Lipka, the stamps focus on detail rather than the whole item.



#4. Europa 2010 Children's Book stamps by Hungary and UK

Europa 2010 Children's Book stamps by Hungary

In 2010, Hungary Post once again won the Best Europa stamp contest organised by PostEurop.

The winning stamp features the storybook illustration of the graphic designer Karoly Reich. The design captures the moment from the infamous story of the little bear much loved by Hungarian readers, Vackor.

Europa 2010 Children's Book stamps by UK

In October 2010, Royal Mail issued a collection of stamps featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends - Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Owl and Tigger - in the black and white line drawings.
#5. Oktoberfest Stamp by Germany

Irish Wheelchair Association stamp

This German Post's stamp was issued in September 2010 to mark the 200th anniversary of Munich's famous Oktoberfest.
#6. Children's World and Children's Games - stamps from Argentina and Guatemala

Children's World and Children's Games - stamps from Argentina

In July 2010, Argentina released a funny series of stamps under the name "Children's World. Bicentennial Games".

According to the images eternal children's games and toys are balls, hopscotch, cup-and-ball, whirligig, ball game, hoop, skipping rope and doll.

Children's World and Children's Games - stamps from Guatemala

The Guatemala Post also issued in 2010 a series of stamps dedicated to traditional children's games - cup-and-ball, kite, yoyo and top.


#7. 'Boas and Co' stamps by Greenland

Boas and Co stamps by Greenland

On May 1, 2010 Greenland released a stamp dedicated to the popular comic strip "Buuarsikkut" / "Boas & Co.".

This stamp is the second in POST Greenland's popular "Greenlandic Comics" series.


#8. New Snoopy stamps from Japan

New Snoopy stamps from Japan

These very nice postage stamps by Japan Post depict Snoopy - one of the most recognizable comic characters in the world - and other Peanuts cartoon characters: the bumbling Charlie Brown, his flamboyant, bird friend Woodstock, his little sister Sally and Peppermint Patty.


#9. Irish Wedding and Greeting stamps

Irish Wedding stamps

In 2010, An Post issued the fourth stamp in its popular Wedding series. This time it uses a pair of devoted lovebirds to embody the love and joy shared by the happy couple.

Irish Greeting stamps

Available in convenient booklets of ten self-adhesive stamps these fun and colourful stamps by Irish Post feature images of a young boy and girl in a playful state traveling through space. The boy looks happy as he spreads love around the world, while the girl is delivering birthday wishes, travelling on a rocket ship.


#10. Guernsey Post: 'The Adventures of Penny the Postie'

Guernsey Post: The Adventures of Penny the Postie

In 2010, Guernsey Post launched the first ever children's book with a souvenir sheet of real stamps.

"This is the first time we have commissioned a book to accompany one of our stamp characters and Penny the Postie is the perfect character to take the helm of the first ever children's book from Guernsey Post," Dawn Gallienne, philatelic manager for Guernsey Post said.

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