Korean-Made Characters – Pororo, The Little Penguin Stamps

The "Korean-Made Characters Series" will be introduced for the duration of four years in the form of stamps featuring the characters created in Korea and widely beloved.

The first installment of this series features "Pororo, The Little Penguin". Pororo is a hip, little penguin wearing an aviator hat and aviator goggles. Filled with curiosity, Pororo lives in a snow-covered, pearl-white forest with his friends: Crong, the cute baby dinosaur who often causes trouble; Eddy, the smart, little fox who wants to become a great scientist and loves inventing gadgets; Rody, the strong robot made by Eddy; Poby, the polar bear with a heart as big as his mass; TongTong, the little dragon who is a magician and turns, with a magic wand, himself larger when flying in the sky; Loopy, the shy feminine beaver who loves to cook; Petty, the bright penguin girl who is athletic; Pipi and Popo, alien friends filled with curiosity; and Harry, the cheerful hummingbird who loves to sing. Amid the rackets, big and small, that arise every day, these little friends solve problems without any help from grown-ups, help and love each other, all while learning the wisdoms of life.

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