Classic Locomotives of England on stamps

When the world's first main-line railway, from Liverpool to Manchester, opened in 1830, it heralded a new age of mobility and trade. Across the emerging railway network, steam locomotives of all shapes and sizes faithfully hauled their loads, cared for by a vast army of drivers and firemen, engineers and mechanics.

Now Royal Mail pays tribute to the 'workhorses' of the railways; many of which had working lives of several decades before diesel and electric technology completely took over in the 1960s.

Classic Locomotives of England is the first in a new series of miniature sheets featuring steam locomotives, used not just on the public railway network, but also in many industrial locations like factories, quarries and docks.

The stamps in detail

1st Class - BR Dean Goods Class 2532
A Newbury bound British Rail local service Dean Goods Class locomotive at East Garton photographed in 1951.

60p - Peckett Type R2
This Peckett 1689, named Thor was built in 1925 for the Tunnel Cement company of West Thurrock, Essex. The locomotive spent its entire life at Thurrock - where the photo was taken, and it was scrapped there in March 1965.

88p - L & YR 1093 J4 No 1100
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Class J4 locomotive photographed here at Liverpool Exchange Station in 1909 is pulling the 2.10 to Hull.

97p - BR WD No 90662
During the Second World War heavy freight 'Austerity' locomotives were built for military service. Before the Normandy Landings, the army had very little use for these locomotives, so they were loaned to the 'Big Four' railway companies. After June 1944, 'Austerity' locomotives were shipped out to France. Eventually British Rail had 733 of these locomotives.

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