Monitor Lizards of Papua New Guinea – New Postage Stamps by Mark O’Shea

The PNG Post has issued a series of stamps and souvenir sheets dedicated to the huge and wild creatures inhabiting the country - Monitor lizards.

Monitor lizards (Genus Varanus) are the predators and scavengers of the lizard world, different sized species taking prey ranging in size from insects to deer, or cleaning up after other predators. There are 73 described species, ranging in size from 23cm to 2.65m.

Mark O'Shea - a herpetologist, photographer, author, lecturer, and television personality - has made numerous expeditions to Papua New Guinea since first setting foot there in 1986, and has a particular passion for its herpetofauna. He was awarded an honorary DSc for his fieldwork and publications in 2002 and holds a Fellowship from the Australian Venom Research Unit, University of Melbourne to continue his fieldwork, primarily on medically important venomous snakes. He lives in the United Kingdom. This is the second series of stamps he has prepared for PostPNG, the first being Dangerous Snakes of Papua New Guinea, issued in September 2006.

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