‘International Year of Chemistry’ Stamp by Slovakia

Slovakia has issued a stamp commemorating the International Year of Chemistry.

The 63rd UN General Assembly in December 2008 approved the year 2011 to be the International Year of Chemistry (IYC). The main theme of IYC 2011 is "Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future" focused on the achievements of chemistry and its contribution to well-functioning human society. Numerous campaigns of these organizations in 2011 should gain public recognition and understanding of chemistry, increase young people's interest in science and promote the optimistic understanding of the creative future of chemistry.

Stamp edition to mark the International Year of Chemistry in 2011 was initiated by the Slovak Chemical Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The basis of the stamp design is made up of two important chemical compounds, water and carbon dioxide, depicted according to the calotte model, which interact in photosynthesis. Coloring of the stamp reflects dual-wise two basic stages of photosynthesis: light - in the form of sunlight and dark - in the form of blue color symbolizing water. Sunlight and chlorophyll are the catalyst of photosynthesis, which results in oxygen and glucose, two molecules of life, having an essential role in our lives.

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