‘Brand Liechtenstein’ set of stamps

The Liechtenstein Post has issued its third series of stamps under the theme "Brand Liechtenstein".

Brand Liechtenstein was launched in 2004, the aim behind it was "to summarize symbolically in an unmistakable, easily recognized image the values and qualities which constitute Liechtenstein's distinctiveness."

"Brand Liechtenstein" in stamp series started in March 2008. These definitives associate familiar buildings in Liechtenstein with the Brand's five core messages - Dialogue, Finance, Industry, Homeland and Nature/Community.

This year's stamps feature: the "Schaan Rail Station" on the Feldkirch-Buchs line opened in 1872 (Industry, face value CHF 1.10), the "Red House" in Vaduz built in the 13th century and which has been in private hands for over 200 years (Homeland, face value CHF 1.80) and the "Parish Church of St. Joseph, Triesenberg" built in 1938 with its striking onion tower (Community, face value CHF 1.90).

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